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Customized Web Design

Web Design Candy will work with you to create the website you want. Each site we create is built to customer specifications and satisfaction. It’s your site so we build it how you want. You can be as involved in the process as you like. Our team will work with you to achieve your vision.

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Mobile Friendly

Over half of the websites visited today are on mobile devices. The website we create for you will be 100% mobile friendly. The style will be the same as it would be on a computer but adapted to provide your mobile visitors with the best experience.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a vital component of creating and maintaining websites. This is how your website will be indexed and found by search engines such as Google or Bing. Our experts will work to create a search engine friendly website that will help your site reach more people.

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Live Support

Web Design Candy is here for you. We can answer any question or solve any problem that you may have. If you want to add or change something on your website simply contact us. We also provide training so you can take advantage of all your new website has to offer.

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Digital Makeover

If you already have a website but would like to upgrade it we also provide a digital makeover. We can use the existing information from your website and your design input to create something that feels brand new.

Web Design Candy is a service provided by Arehart Consulting, LLC.

About Us

Our Candy Factory provides highly professional, mobile friendly websites.

Web Design Candy has a team of web designers and experts that will create a website that will provide your business with a professional online presence.

We will provide you with a website designed to best showcase your business. Since it is your site, you can have as much input as you like. We can create something magical for you or you can be a part of the design team and tell us exactly what elements you want in your website. In either case, we guarantee we will work until you are satisfied with our product.

If you have a new idea, a problem or any question about your website, we provide excellent customer service. We also provide training for you and your employees on how best to take advantage of your new website.

Additionally, we have Search Engine Optimization wizards that will make sure your website is not only found and indexed by Google and other search engines but will also put your website high in the search results.

Experience the sweetness of Web Design Candy and contact us today for a FREE consultation.